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Thursday January 24th 2019

Business Opportunity From A Reader

Dear Gilbert,

I read the article “Jobless and Glum? Talk to us” article on the New Paper dated 3rd Feb 2009 and had also gone to your website.

I have a crowdsourcing and crowdfunding company that are looking for people to work on various projects.
Can you direct the more entrepreneurial PMETs to my website:

The website can be wordy so in summary, My company has 2 distinct group of poeple:

1. Pioneers – People who got ideas and want to execute them but may not have the required expertise or looking for other people with expertise to execute their ideas or projects. So, therefore these Pioneers can find PMETs with the relevant skill set for their project work.

2. Advocates – Passive/Active

2a) Advocate – Passive: People who are interested in funding projects only.

2b) Advocates – Active: People who are interested in funding and working in projects. These are people who can get contract work while looking for full time jobs.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me at 65-31504218 or hp: 97660753.

Thank you.

Roy Ong
Chief Ideaustry

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