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Thursday January 24th 2019

Forget That Dream Job Any Job Will Do (Today 31 Jan)

In today’s very bad employment market, many young graduates simply have not many choices but to take on anything that pays them a decent salary.  Their dream jobs seem to vanish overnight in this economic crisis. Read on the many stories of undergraduates and fresh graduates who did a reality check on themselves and try to adapt in this harsh employment market…

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2 Responses to “Forget That Dream Job Any Job Will Do (Today 31 Jan)”

  1. Roy Ong says:

    Hi Gilbert,

    Dreams jobs can be created. Don’t believe? Check out the biographies of these people:

    1. Steven Speilberg,
    2. Chris Gadner,
    3. Sylvester Stallone,
    4. Jacky Chan
    5. Li Ka Shing

    The question that these graduates should be asking is: “Whose dream am I living?” Their parents? Their teacher’s? The TV and movie stars? Or their own.

    I doubt if the above 5 people mentioned, sought employment for a dream job, instead they created their dream job through hard work, perseverance and entrepreneurship.

    However for a start, they are always welcome to visit my website
    We are looking for people for the many ongoing projects.


    Roy Ong

  2. joe says:

    Wake up people look around you. You going to sit there and wait for this “Dream Job” in the mean time you go hungry, your kids go hungry, and the dog goes hungry, oh lets not forget we also will be living outside in card board boxes. The bills need to be paid they will not wait for the “Dream Job”

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